One of North America’s most stunning areas, the Kispiox Valley is a journey back in time to the way things used to be. Gitxsan for “The Hiding Place,” the Kispiox is the perfect setting to get lost in all that Mother Nature has to offer. Imagine a place where the world’s most enormous strain of wild steelhead and salmon spawn in pristine mountain streams. Where Grizzly and black bears fish those very same waters. Where mountain goats scale the craggy flanks of snow-capped peaks, and the call of the wolf echoes through old-growth forests. The Kispiox Valley is home to ancient village sites and trails that harken back to a time before European contact when the Gitxsan people traveled and traded throughout this bountiful region. Century-old ranches and homesteads are a living testament to a way of life that helped shape the culture and community of this slice of the world.