Valley-to-table dining is what we do, with almost every ingredient sourced from local farms, fisheries, or our garden. We have the luxury of a 700,000-acre pantry that boasts some of the world’s tastiest things, including the wild herbs, berries, greens, and mushrooms lining our backyard.

The dining at Bear Claw is as amazing as our river-side setting.

Our food straddles the line between refined and rugged, pulling inspiration from cuisines from all over the world, including this valley we call home. We curate each menu, meal, cocktail, and wine pairing with a whole lot of love and just the right amount of homegrown flavour. Every meal is a special occasion, and we take great pride in using the finest ingredients, modern techniques, and recipes to create food that is soul-warming and wonderfully delicious.

"Most" meals are served in The Great Room. Why "most"? Because sometimes the great outdoors is the world’s best dining room—a secluded riverbank, on top of a mountain or in a field of wildflowers.