Multi-Day Expeditions - Out here, comfort and delicious food aren’t synonymous with being inside or near a traditional kitchen. We know that the most memorable meals come from over a fire, and that spectacular views sometimes can only be reached by hiking deep into the mountains. That friendships made while floating down the river on a raft can change lives. That a cold drink just tastes a little better miles and miles from the nearest road or sign of civilization.

That's where our multi-day expeditions come in. They are the perfect add-on to your lodge buy-out.

For the adventurers who wish to truly get off the grid and into the wild, Bear Claw offers the ability to build custom expeditions. Whether traveling into the backcountry by helicopter or letting the Skeena River set the pace by raft, you’ll experience parts of this country visited more frequently by moose and wolves than by people. They’re opportunities to put down the phone, unplug, and become immersed in nature. To explore, laugh, wonder, and remember what it feels like to be so small in such a vast and expansive world.

Petroglyphs, ancient village sites, and endless stories. Bears, wolves, moose, and eagles soaring overhead. Catching the scent of a beef tenderloin cooking over the fire on the bank of the Skeena River while sipping a glass of wine. Throwing a line in the water as you meander around the next bend, the scenery changing every minute. It’s just another day on the river.
It’s difficult to know relaxation until you let the river currents determine your schedule. Breathtaking mountain vistas, exciting rapids, and towering canyons all punctuate the beautiful Skeena River, a place steeped not only in breathtaking beauty, but also in history.
We offer multi-day expeditions ranging from 2 to 7 days. Bear Claw provides everything from the sleeping bags to the Syrah, allowing you to spend your time fishing, snorkeling, hiking, enjoying your friends or family, or just kicking back.
At Bear Claw, we aim to please. If there is an expedition you can dream up, we can help you plan it. Interested in taking a helicopter directly from the airport to a riverside lunch? A fly-fishing adventure on horseback? Drop us a line and we’ll work with you to make it happen. We might even have a few ideas up our sleeves