Living north of the 55th parallel means long summer days with 17+ hours of light, snow-blanketed winters, and all the beauty in between. It also means an incredible array of activities for the bookworm, young family, weekend warrior, or seasoned explorer.

Things To Do

Stretching & Yoga

Welcome the sunrise with open arms.

River Rafting & Kayaking

Dip a paddle in the pristine waters of the Kispiox.

Snorkeling With Salmon

A wonderful, uncommon experience. Toto, we’re not in Kauai anymore.

Walks & Hikes

From casual river walks to day hikes, there’s something for everyone.

Horseback Riding

Experience the valley from a whole new vantage point.

Fishing In The Home Pool

Cast a line just steps from your room.

Wild Foraging

From mountainside, wild mushrooms and more. We truly live in mother nature’s pantry.

Cultural Tours

Explore the art, music, and culture that has shaped this valley.

Tailored Experiences

Multi-Day Expeditions

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Helicopter & Float Plane Trips

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Guided Fishing

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