Heli-skiing is one of our busiest seasons, beginning the first week in January and running through to mid-April. We partner with Skeena Heliskiing to offer access to one of the largest heli-ski tenures in North America at 9,525 square kilometers of pristine wilderness.


The Skeena Mountain range has a huge diversity of terrain, from the high vertical slopes with steeps to powder bowls with pillows and shoots. Skeena’s geographical location and diversity of terrain allows us to consistently enjoy one of the lowest number of down days in the industry.


Skiers and snowboarders leave Bear Claw by chopper to the nearby Skeena mountain range, just minutes away, for fresh, untouched powder.


For more information on heli-skiing, please visit: Skeenaheliskiing or contact Skeena directly by e-mailing: ski@skeenaheliskiing.com